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Title: Inactive Staff Members
Post by: Death™ on May 20, 2015, 06:41:43 PM
Staff members who plan to be temporarily inactive for a duration of time (more than 30 days) may post here, explaining their duration of inactivity and their situation in detail.
Regular players' posts will be removed.

Currently inactive staff members:
Title: Re: Inactive Staff Members
Post by: daze on June 19, 2015, 09:18:47 AM
Inactive due to a break from the game, will return when competitive matchmaking releases. Probably about 1-3 months* of inactivity.

*Valve has been hinting at this competitive matchmaking, like the one found in CS:GO for about two years, it's been predicted to being released soon, and if it isn't, then you can still expect me to return in about 1-3 months, that's a large span, I realize.


Also, I may be on for a prolonged period of time, then suddenly get off for a bit. That's what I mean.
Title: Re: Inactive Staff Members
Post by: Sixteen on June 24, 2015, 09:39:52 PM
I will be away from tomorrow until the following Wednesday so about a week. It is likely I will be not have internet so I will not be able to respond to forum posts as well as reports. When I come back, I will hopefully have enough stamina to respond to all that I missed.
Title: Re: Inactive Staff Members
Post by: Vay on June 30, 2015, 07:32:51 PM
WILL be inactive Due to some people in my city, they decided to cut 3 strands of internet cable (wave broadband) and they wiped out the internet for people who use wavebroadband like me in the city. So due to that, I do not have access to internet, and was told that it may take a while to fix it. I hope you guys can understand. They don't have a time for when it will be back up, so I'm posting this for safety measures.
Title: Re: Inactive Staff Members
Post by: MrFUBAR® on July 14, 2015, 08:38:28 AM
I've been inactive for quite a while due to issues with my computer. I got a virus and had to take my laptop in to a repair shop to get it fixed all to no avail. So, I had to save funds for a new computer. The only reason my steam account may have been online was because I have the steam app on my ipod. However, I have a new laptop and I actually went back on the servers yesterday (7/13/2015) and I absolutely plan on being active as I was before. Sorry for anyone I may have inconvenienced with my absence.
Title: Absence
Post by: Naughty Twilight on July 18, 2015, 09:27:05 PM
Not sure where to put this, hopefully Flying will move it if need be. I will be gone next week for Florida. Pretty sure I have to tell you guys this.
Title: Re: Inactive Staff Members
Post by: Death™ on July 25, 2015, 11:54:03 PM
FusionFlarez says his internet is having problems for a couple of days.
Title: Re: Inactive Staff Members
Post by: Minion of Set on July 28, 2015, 11:09:23 PM
Will be on vacation for a couple weeks. May be on sporadically during that time.
Title: Doing stuff. Will not be on as often as before.
Post by: Sins on September 28, 2015, 05:15:28 PM
It's that time of the year again.

School is back in, and no matter how much I want to hang myself because of it, I have to do it, and for that, expect very little from me until summer. I'm not gone COMPLETELY till then, but don't count on me as much for a little while.

If you need to contact me, contact me through Steam. I have it on my phone so I should be able to get your messages.

Sorry if this is a problem, but I'm pretty sure it's not. I just wanted to make a post so I don't get demoted or anything.

*If this is the wrong thread to post this, than feel free to move it, because I know how Knife likes to do that :^)
Title: Re: Inactive Staff Members
Post by: Death™ on November 07, 2015, 12:40:04 PM
Kayx will be gone for 3-5 weeks.
Title: Re: Inactive Staff Members
Post by: Seventeen on February 17, 2016, 02:54:01 PM
Good Evening,

       I got into a recent argument with family and am planning to focus on my grades a bit more. I will be gone until the 23 of March. I am in no way quitting, just need to get away and focus on what could affect me in the long run. I appreciate everything you guys do for me. I could still message on my phone via steam but, you will not see me in-game or responding to reports. Sorry Guys..

Title: Re: Inactive Staff Members
Post by: ϟ ☠Lunarium☠ on February 19, 2016, 08:54:34 PM
Hello all, New staff and old staff.

I have finally managed to come to the terms of being able to explain in fuller depth as to why my absence has occurred.

Most of which is extremely personal, and cannot be posted here in fuller detail.

I had made a sudden disappearance back sometime before the holidays. One day I was on every single day, doing my contributions to the community, putting my all into my work in which I love, and the next day I was gone. The only thing that can take a man away from what he loves, has to be something of meaning to him.

During the seasonal times, a lot of violent acts had arrived in my life from other individuals. My parents Separation had become absolute warfare, and it's resulting in me moving.

I had also been in massive problems with my education. There was no time and in any way for me to have any distractions. This included a formal excuse of absence, or resigning of position. My education is at an all time low, and it needs to be focused on as it's primarily the most important activity I need in my life.

Now for those who were closer with me as Administrative members, community members, and closer significant others. They needed to all be pushed out of my life for these past couple of months, because stress, drama, and any other incidences acted as distractions.

Now for bigger questions some must have:

Will I be returning to TF2SS as an active Administrator?
Potentially yes. I will be notifying personally to Head of Administration on further to the topic.

What about Steam, will you be on again?
Potentially yes as well.

All questions here will be decided on how well I can manage my time, along with my education status, and any family activity.

For now I will be staying as an inactive member as I still do have the desire to perform for this community. Especially after the love I've gained for it, and its members as well. Though I do plan on returning to the community soon. This will all play out on my moving terms, internet access, my job and payments, along with rent.

Thank you for your time, and forgive me for any inconvenience.

Best Wishes,
Title: Re: Inactive Staff Members
Post by: ɴᴇᴏɴ | NeoN on February 19, 2016, 11:24:57 PM
I'm not gonna be active or well actually responding any messages for a few days.

I may still come online and play games, but other than that I won't be doing or saying anything due to personal reasons and a irl situation.

Just a heads up.

Title: Re: Inactive Staff Members
Post by: Psykotik on February 21, 2016, 11:12:20 PM
I will be inactive for quite a long time. I'm currently going through a lot of emotional stress and I do not want it to get in the way of my job. Sorry if it seems like I came in, did some things here and there, and just left all of a sudden. I will return to doing my job, I just don't know when. I will, however, still be online. For those who wish to know why the sudden news, you can message me on Steam.

Sorry guys, I just can't handle anything right now, let alone reports.

Edit: I'll be back on duty on March 20.
Edit2: I seem to be recovering much faster than I expected so I'll be able to handle reports from time to time.
Title: Re: Inactive Staff Members
Post by: skweer on March 12, 2016, 12:07:10 PM
As some of you may know, (those I'm closest to..) I currently won't be around much.. I'm just going through a lot of things right now. Need some time to myself. Very stressed out, emotionally as well. So unfortunately, I'm not exactly going to be on much.. I'll still however, check things out but, won't be on the servers much. Nor taking reports for now. I hope you all can understand, and not take it personally..
I'm not sure when I'll come back.. but I do know, it won't be for quite some time.
I thank whoever reads this, and appreciate it.
Take care, everyone. I'll be back, maybe in a couple weeks..
Title: Re: Inactive Staff Members
Post by: Pelz König on March 23, 2016, 07:33:06 PM
I shall be going inactive until the beginning of July, most likely. Just need to prioritize school for the moment. Thanks for the wonderful support in this matter.
Title: Re: Inactive Staff Members
Post by: arkOS Ver on May 22, 2016, 07:50:44 PM
I will be taking a break from TF2 until probably the second half of summer. I just need a break from TF2 for a while, so I will not be responding to the report bot and will be away from my computer most of the time, other than my phone. I'll see you nerds some time soon.