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Author Topic: [Help] In-Game commands you can use in the TF2SS servers.  (Read 9858 times)

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[Help] In-Game commands you can use in the TF2SS servers.
« on: May 13, 2016, 06:09:52 AM »
For those who aren't familiar with the commands they can use, here is a list of them:

( NOTE: For many of them, you will need to add the server to favorites in order to gain access to them. To know how to add a server to favorites, you can be informed by reading this post http://tf2swapshop.com/forum/index.php?topic=1162.0 )

!bp           -         Allows you to inspect a player's backpack.
!chatcolor or !cc - Opens a menu for chat and tag setting such as colors and wearing a tag.
!credits     -         Typing this every 10 minutes after you joined one of the servers will grant you 100 credits.
!fp           -          Enables First Person View of the game (enabled by default)
!help        -          Takes you to the help section of the server's forums.
!jackpot    -         Let's you participate on TF2SS item jackpot service.
!me          -         Creates a message with your name in the chat color of the team you are on (Example: !meIs Happy).
!pc           -         Price check for items.  E.G. !pc jarate
!perks        -        Opens up the VIP menu.
!report       -        Sends a report to admins in case of misbehaving players or hackers.
!revote      -        Allows you to change your vote on a poll an admin has done.
!rocketme   -        A funny way to die, high in the sky.
!rtd           -        Roll the Dice, will trigger an effect on your character.
!servers or !hop -  Opens a list of all available servers to join.
!shop or !buy    -  Opens a menu, from where you can buy perks such as VIP.
!tp            -        Enables Third Person View of the game (VIP Only)
!vip           -        Similar to !perks, it opens the VIP menu.

The following commands are available at certain occasions of the year and may not be available at other times.

"Saysounds" : This are audio files that will be triggered upon writing the correct phrase in chat.

!soundlist  -   Will show you all available "saysounds" to play in the servers.
!sounds or !settings     -    Disables the "saysounds"

!sp   -   Toggles a spawn protection mechanism. It's off by default.

Commands that are in Purple mean that they are available for players with VIP.
Commands that are in Green are available for everyone.
Commands that are Underline Italics Green can be used be players that have added the server to favorites.

If you're thinking of becoming VIP, feel free to read this post regarding how to obtain VIP: http://tf2swapshop.com/forum/index.php?topic=1209.0

If any doubts, feel free to leave a reply.
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