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Author Topic: TF2SS Website Time  (Read 2176 times)

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TF2SS Website Time
« on: May 04, 2015, 02:21:41 PM »
Hello SwapShopper,
I am here to explain how you can fix the time in the top left corner of the website. I have always noticed that my time was off from what this website had as its time by about 2 hours. For all of those who have that same problem, let's fix that.

Step 1:
At the near top of your screen you will see your panel of different taps that looks like the following:


If it does not seem obvious, you should click on the PROFILE tab. Do not confuse yourself. All you have to do is click on  the tab. (You do not have to click on anything from that "drop-down menu".)

Step 2:
In the middle of your screen, you will find, above "Summary", two tabs seen as PROFILE INFO and MODIFY PROFILE. highlight the MODIFY PROFILE tab and you will be provided with a "drop-down menu".

Step 3:

Step 4:
Now the second option on this screen is "Time Offset". Next to the textbox, it should say "(autodetect)". Click on that and it should place a number with respect to how many hours off the time in the top right of the website is to your time. For me, I am EST which is 2 hours off, so there is now a 2 in that box. For you it may be 1 or 3 or something else.

Step 5:
Now, scroll down to the bottom and click on "Change Profile". After that, the time should be updated to your time. Enjoy!

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