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Author Topic: Forum Guidelines  (Read 28973 times)

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Forum Guidelines
« on: July 04, 2015, 07:56:45 PM »
Forum Guidelines:
(Guests can only view the posts in our forums, so please log in with Steam to post on the forums)
  • Most of our Rules and Guidelines also apply on the forums
  • No trading of Steam accounts, but you may trade TF2 items, Steam items, gift games, etc.
  • No hi-jacking someone else's thread
  • Don't hi-jack someone's trade by stealing an offer or correcting a low/high buy/sell price unless it's scamming
  • No unauthorized raffles in the forums - ask a staff member for assistance
  • Be polite and respectful in your posts
  • Ask a staff member to close your thread when you are finished with it
  • When your trade has been completed, please lock the post
  • Do not make assumptions and instead post questions to clarify
  • Forum moderators are allowed to modify, lock, merge, move, and remove posts appropriately
  • Please read stickied threads before posting in specific boards
  • The owner, Death, is exempted from all rules and may change them without notice
  • The head administration team (Psyk0tik and Gawain) are allowed to make the final decisions, including ones that overrule other administrators' (except Death) and regular members' decisions if they feel that it is necessary
  • Do not post direct links to illegal downloads of copyrighted software - you are allowed to name sites that contain said software though
  • When posting images, use thumbnails with a link or resize the image to not be unnecessarily large
  • Only quote relevant text
  • When you make a mistake in your post, revise/edit it - don't make correctional replies
  • Please post in the right boards
  • Do not make unnecessary posts (this includes personal status updates and/or joke posts on important boards/topics)
  • Do not spam the forums with multiple topics and/or posts on the same thread - wait for other members to respond
  • Be patient when waiting for responses from other members
  • Do not advertise phishing sites, irrelevant content, or other gaming servers
  • Scamming on our forums will result in a ban
  • Do not resurrect old topics (~1 month old) - Make a new topic instead, referring to the old one if necessary
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