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Author Topic: Flamboyant Slump God's Unremarkable Introduction  (Read 206 times)

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Flamboyant Slump God's Unremarkable Introduction
« on: September 20, 2019, 08:30:19 PM »
Hello, I'm Flamboyant Slump God. You can call me Drae if we get to know each other, or just call me Flamboyant. I'm 19, and currently reside in the most northwestern area of South Carolina. You can contact me at my email, or 864-704-7141. I spend a good amount of time online, although I work at a time consuming job. If anything comes up and I'm not available, I'll notify anyone as soon as I can as my schedule comes up a week in advance.

I'm super down to earth and insanely friendly if you carry an okay attitude. I don't really put up with nose-in-the-air type of attitudes, or snideness. Anyways, always shoot me a message on steam if you want to talk or just play games. Also, pretty good at advice in all fields since I guide some of the oldest people, and youngest through some really tough situations. All thanks to my endless life of perils.

With all that said and done with, I love any and all of you guys. New or old admins. Weird or geeks. We're all nerds.
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