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Author Topic: The Country of Sweden: The Pop. Of Sweden's Staff Introduction  (Read 42 times)

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Name: Zachary
Age: 16
Birthday: December 5th
General Location: Portland Oregon
Methods of Contact: Email which is [email protected] (do all the odds then evens for the numbers)
General online time: As of now on vacation I'm on EST time which I'll be online at the latest 5:30pm EST, Usually on WST Time from 4:30pm till at least seven on school days, Weekends it's pretty much all day.
Extra: Around Christmas time and around March I do theater for my school so I will be on later at around these times. Interests include: Video games, Music (Rock/metal mostly with a hint of Egyptian pop), Sports including Baseball,Basketball,Ice Hockey,American Football,Pro Wrestling,Boxing, journalism. Lastly as a career job I have aspirations of doing sport Journalism.