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Author Topic: Rose - The Very Fluffy Fox's Staff Introduction  (Read 76 times)

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Rose - The Very Fluffy Fox's Staff Introduction
« on: August 30, 2019, 09:45:55 PM »
Name: Shane
Age: 17 (as of posting currently)
General Location: Coraopolis, Pennsylvania
Methods of Contact: My current business-related email > [email protected] < | Discord: ~Rose~#2002 (or on the SwapShop Discord Server) | Steam: ~RoseTheFox~ |
General Online Time: Every Weekday, probably from about 3:00PM EST to 10:30PM EST, Friday to Sunday can vary, but mostly around the whole day, or 5-8 hours at the least.
Extra: Currently doing my Senior Project in Primary School, at times It may not look like i'm fully active, if not; I am working on my project. I need to get about a 90% on the entirety of this project to pass 12th grade, and graduate if even. Other than that I should be available mostly anywhere at anytime (hopefully).
>>Fair and Honest to Everyone Around! <<