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Author Topic: HazyMemories - Game Server Admin Application  (Read 2948 times)

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HazyMemories - Game Server Admin Application
« on: January 19, 2020, 05:58:40 PM »
1. Which position do you wish to apply for?
Game Server Admin

2. Have you ever previously applied for a position in SwapShop?

3. List any current staff members you know or have any personal relations with.
I do not have relations with any staff but for me, relations can be defined as friends, and my friends that are staff are: Psyk0tik, and Cousin Oliver.

Yes, I know Psyk0tik and Cousin Oliver, but not PERSONALLY!

4. Do you have a microphone that you are willing to use?

5. Age:
14 (15 soon)

6. What Time Zone do you live in?
Central State Time (CST)

7. List and describe any previous supervisory, administrative or management experience,­ in or out of the game:
I own a server in a VR game called A Township Tale, the server that I own is called "An Adventurers Tale". Next, I am an Admin in another server for A Township Tale, "Sanctuary In The Wild".


An Adventurers Tale: https://discord.gg/Wt2sEHw

Sanctuary In The Wild: https://discord.gg/NrbUfJt

Discord User: HazyMemories#6092

8. What are your goals in this community - or, why do you want to hold this position?
My goal in this community is to help other players with any issues they currently are having, I wish to support them the best way I can. Aswell for the other admins. If a player is having trouble with the shop I will help them the best way I possibly can, if I can not help them with my power, then I will ask for assistance.

9. How much time will you be able to spend:
A. On the servers?
On the days Monday-Friday, I will be on after my classes for around usually 4 hours.

If it was the weekends(Saturday, and Sunday), I would stay around 7 hours or more.

B. On the forums?
I do plan to keep my forums open on my second monitor to see if anything comes through while I'm active within the game.

10. How long have you been playing on our group of servers?
For what I can remember 2 1/2 years.
I started in 2018. Date? not 100% sure.

11. Do you speak any languages other than English?
I speak Spanish, but it is not 100% good.

12. Link your SteamRep and other sources that show your reputation here:
Rep.tf: https://rep.tf/76561198332237111

SteamRep: https://steamrep.com/search?q=https%3A%2F%2Fsteamcommunity.com%2Fid%2FHazyMemoriesFade

Fortress of Gamers: https://f-o-g.trade/u/76561198332237111

SteamID: https://steamid.uk/profile/76561198332237111

13. If you have alternate accounts, list any alternate accounts that you own:

14. Describe a time when you lost control of your emotions and how you were able to cope with the situation (P.S: This can be about anything; it doesn't have to be from in-game.):
Well, umm, this will be a bit embarrassing and super sad, so here it goes.

So one day, I was sitting in class doing my history things, then someone knocked on the door. It was a person there to get me out of class because I was being picked up by my parents. Once I got inside my parents' car, they told me, "I accidentally ran over Fuzzy's(My cat) Leg." I said "Wait, what.. why di-" I started to feel a huge emotional wave hit me of grieve. We took him to the Vet, we sat there for at least 6 minutes for the Veterinarians to come out of their emergency room. They said, "We found something about your cat, Fuzzy". Then he showed us a picture of the x-ray he took, he showed the broken leg, but then he pointed out another thing he had in the X-ray, it was an image of the lungs. They said he had liquid build up in the chest area, and he had a blood cancer at the same time. My heart sank, by sank I mean shattered into atoms. They said they didn't want him to suffer even more. They told my parent to let me sit in the lobby while they talk to them. My parent waved at me to come back. They said, "Hey, we may need to put your kitty down." I have broken down into so much pain and tears of sadness. They had to call my grandmother to pick me up. I cried along the way to her house. She told me to sit down and talk with her. She said, "It's okay baby, he is going to a better place now, he'll be alright, okay?" I replied sniffling, "I know, but I'm going to miss him so much!". She said, "I know, but always think of the positive things about your kitty". Me wiping my tears away "*sniffle* okay grandma, I will try to calm down and think on the positive side!"

A few days pass from Fuzzy's passing, I'm sitting in bed trying to come over it. The best way I could come over it was to think on the bright and positive side, and not on the negative side.

(sorry, this is super sad, I'm struggling to type this out because it hit me that bad, he was a good kitty, a really good kitty. The best you could ever have.)

15. What do you consider in your personality to be strengths? What do you consider in your personality to be weaknesses?
My personality strengths are: Confident, smart, creative, and caring.

My weaknesses: putdowns, being yelled at for no reason, embarrassing moments.

16. Assess these attributes from 1 to 10 based on how you see yourself:
  • Logical: 5
  • Patient: 8
  • Reactive: 7
  • Creative: 7
  • Polite: 8
  • Reasonable: 5
  • Objective: 6
  • Perceptive: 6
  • Compassionate: 10
  • Troubleshooter: 9
  • Honest: 9

17. After you become an admin, how would you react to these situations below:
A: How would you deal with a person who was making racist comments?
If a person is making racist comments I would give them One warning the first comment that is made. If they say another racist comment, I would take action into Muting them for at least 2 hours. And if needed I will report it to any admin forum if there is any.

B: A group of players are offended by remarks that another player made, but you yourself do not find them to be offensive. How would you respond?
To be honest, I would ask them individually on how are they really offending them. if they all show the same reason, then I would ask the person causing the issue to please stop.
If the replies are different then I would have to tell the entire group and the issue maker to stop or calm down.

C: How would you deal with players who micspam?
If a player mic-spams, I would kindly ask them to please stop, at least 2 times. If they fail to comply I would Voice chat mute them for 2 hours. If they come back mic spamming again, I would extend their mute x2.

D: Another TF2SS admin is exploiting their powers in game; what will you do about it?
If a fellow admin is abusing their power, I would try in my power to stop them, any way possible. If I can not do much I would try to get a Head admin or Death himself. I will try to include Video evidence of the abuse so it will be handled quickly and smoothly.

E: What would you do when answering a report that [username] is speed hacking on one of our servers?
I would join the server the player was reported on, and spectate them until I'm convinced that they are speed hacking. If they are using the shop, and a new player reports them for using the RTD/Player item, I would ignore it and tell the person who reported the [USERNAME] that they are using shop, and not a client.

F: A regular user threatens to ban another player if they do not comply with rules that do not exist. What will you do about it?
Now, if a regular user threatens a player that they will ban them for not "complying with rules", I myself would actually give him a warning for player threatening. If they ignore my warning saying "You're no admin/mod I am the Admin/Mod here!" I would ban them right on the spot. Days? it will depend if how serious this gets.

G: A group of enemy players dominate you, ignoring everyone else and changing teams if you join the team they are on, killing only you over and over again. What will you do about it?
This happened to me before, a player was being a tryhard against me and I politely asked them to please stop targeting me only instead of other players. But they refused, so I tried fighting them off myself but I managed to fail a lot. So I instead went Friendly and went on from there. But if they are constantly doing it to me or another player I would have to ask them to please stop as an Admin. Because SwapShop is not fun with bloody campers and trollers that target one person for their likes of "fun"

H: How do you deal with a player who comments publicly that: you are an asshole, the server sucks ass, and continues to insult anyone who kills them with profanity & by screaming on the mic?
To be honest, I would let it slide the first 2 times. But if it gets to the point where it gets too offensive or abusive I would demand the user to stop this selfish child act of his. If he swears or anything that he has been doing towards me. I would kick him off the server, if he joins back cussing me out I would put him on a Gag/Mute from chat and voice chat.

If I find out they keep doing this I would have to issue a day mute/24 hour.

I: A regular player on our server says that they will offer free godmode for anyone who trades a hat to them. What will you do about it?
I would tell them to please not do that to our players because I consider that scamming people for credits you could earn and buy godmode yourself. Even if its a virtual game it's scamming. So I would have to warn the player for scamming.
if they continue, I would ban them because it is against rules and regulations.

J: A player who bought the Headless Horsemann perk from the shop complains after another player slays him/her. What do you tell the slayed Headless Horsemann player?
The Headless Horsemann Perk costs, 5K and the smite costs 1K. So, it costs the slayer 4K less than the HHH.

If a user who bought a Headless Horsemann and was slain, all I can say is, I can do nothing about it. But if the slayer keeps slaying the person who buys HHH. I will have to issue a warning for "shop abuse".

K: How do you define Admin abuse?
I define Admin abuse as:

1. As giving false warnings to players
2. False kicking
3. unnecessarily banning players
4. abusing shop items
5. Slaying players/ trapping them in a certain spot
6. giving self credits abusively
7. Giving out free credits over 20K

After filling out this application, what are your feelings toward becoming a Server Admin on our servers?
I am looking forward to becoming an admin on the amazing staff team and community! I'm very excited about my new opportunity in my life to do something I look forward to!
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Re: HazyMemories - Game Server Admin Application
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2020, 12:50:31 PM »
I had a brief skim through since I am currently at work and don't have time for a good, thorough look. But, I'm already enjoying what I have seen and I look forward to seeing where you land. Good luck in the coming week.
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Re: HazyMemories - Game Server Admin Application
« Reply #2 on: January 22, 2020, 10:04:22 PM »
I had a brief skim through since I am currently at work and don't have time for a good, thorough look. But, I'm already enjoying what I have seen and I look forward to seeing where you land. Good luck in the coming week.

Hi, thanks, I look forward into being apart of this community!

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Re: HazyMemories - Game Server Admin Application
« Reply #3 on: January 27, 2020, 01:55:06 AM »
Thank you for taking the time to apply for TF2SwapShop administration. We regret to inform you that our staff does not believe that your application satisfies our standards for server administration for the moment. Unfortunately, we must decline your application.

If you are still interested in a server administration position here, you may submit a new application and reapply after 3 months have passed (04-27-20).

We encourage you to use that time to revise and improve upon your application.
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