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Author Topic: I was banned for nothing  (Read 776 times)


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I was banned for nothing
« on: August 20, 2015, 02:09:15 AM »
I was banned on TF2SS.COM #08 | Orange Towers | crits | !shop | FREE PERKS!
I was banned by -ᴛғ2ss-☠Lunarium Wolf☠
I was banned for "wallhacking"
I was banned on and at 08-20-15 02:32
I joined the server through Spy Crab Wolf and I was playing normal having fun, getting some pretty decent kills and I was told I was going to get banned and of course I was. I was not using any program that would've given me an advantage I was playing completely legitimate, I feel I was VERY unfairly banned.

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Re: I was banned for nothing
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2015, 02:30:25 AM »
For other Admins:

As for the community to see:

This player had first been in a game on their first account. They returned on another containing the same IP linking to this player.

After the first ban, then proceeded to be called out as being just a "good player" on their main account

So the ban was changed from an IP to an ID to give them the benefit of the doubt, but their IP being added to our Database due to suspicion of using a wallhack.

Later. Snicker's goes offline again, and another account join my game:
5. STEAM_0:1:116566608       USA        Wacky Waldominator
Which contains the same IP as:

Meaning it was Snickers joining my game. So in this result, I left, had 2 regulars of:
Whom I had spectate and play invis spy to confirm this.

But upon this, I had another Admin by the name of:
But is the Admin "Scotsman1999" for TF2SS as well spectate her and play along.

and upon watching her, even he claims over a short period of time of:
3:22 AM - TF2SS /Report: Relay from PanzerVor131: Ja
3:22 AM - -ᴛғ2ss-☠Lunarium Wolf☠: Seems legit yup?
3:22 AM - TF2SS /Report: Relay from PanzerVor131: Is wallhack

and later on:
3:27 AM - TF2SS /Report: Relay from PanzerVor131: Yeah
3:27 AM - TF2SS /Report: Relay from PanzerVor131: wallhack
3:27 AM - TF2SS /Report: Relay from PanzerVor131: and some form of aim assist

So now 2 Admin have seen the exact same evidence and claimed the exact same call out.

So eventually during the match, the player was "Vac Kicked" for being unable to connect to Vac which is the result of what happens to most people who use the hack, as they must disconnect from Vac as the program does, to avoid detection.

Once the player was kicked, and all this was in play, I added the ban to the account now Permanently Ip banned.

They return on their main account of Snicker and say:
3:42 AM - -ᴛғ2ss-☠Lunarium Wolf☠: As from what Ducky and Panzer confirm, you had a silent aim assist on
3:42 AM - Snicker: I can show you myself
3:42 AM - Snicker: you can add me
3:42 AM - Snicker: I can play the exact same
3:42 AM - Snicker: It
3:42 AM - Snicker: is
3:42 AM - Snicker: Skill
3:42 AM - Snicker: I know because
3:42 AM - Snicker: I WAS THERE
3:43 AM - -ᴛғ2ss-☠Lunarium Wolf☠: You know you can easily just turn it off and say you weren't?
3:43 AM - Snicker: and if I play the exact same
3:43 AM - Snicker: shooting cloaked spies
3:43 AM - Snicker: doing everything I was
3:43 AM - Snicker: and you can see how I do
3:43 AM - Snicker: exaclt
3:43 AM - Snicker: exactly
3:43 AM - Snicker: how I do
3:44 AM - Snicker: it's a good eye
3:44 AM - Snicker: good reaction time
3:44 AM - Snicker: and good aim
3:45 AM - Snicker: it's part of skill

So from the proof of 2 Admin witnessing the same result themselves, this ban for hacking will not be uplifted.

You already had your chance after the first ban was moved from IP to ID, but attempting to test my ability and think that you could claim that you were in fact not hacking was foolish to begin with. You should have left off scott free when you were given your first chance.