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Rules / Guidelines
« on: July 05, 2015, 01:24:09 PM »
Rules / Guidelines

  • Only one person should be using the in-game mic at a time.
  • Adjust your microphone so there's no feedback/echo, screaming, distortion, etc.
  • Do not repeat chat in text or via microphone excessively - this includes micspam and repetitive trade advertisements.
  • Be mature - racism, vulgarity, insults, inappropriate or disruptive behavior, stereotyping, homophobia, gender chauvinism, age discrimination, and religious or cultural slander are not acceptable.
  • Do not continuously complain about the same thing - instead, use your gaming skills, !shop, or the /report to deal with the problem.
  • Calm down if you're mad - if you express an uncontrollable rage, you may be punished.
  • Do not trick other players into breaking the rules.
  • Do not attempt to ruin another individuals reputation or image with falsified chat messages, voice, or stories.
  • Respect staff members and do not harass or deny their requests.
  • Do not advertise sites, other servers, clans, groups, hacks, or scams.
  • We prefer English over other languages.
  • Do not falsely advertise trades - if you're not going to do the trade, don't say that you will.

  • Do not impersonate an administrator.
  • You may not have any "admin" tag or text in your display name.
  • Changing your name to avoid punishment will only result in a more severe punishment.
  • Do not put any type of possibly inappropriate or offensive terms or phrases in your display name.
  • Sprays and Conscientious Objectors may not contain libel, slander, defamation, racial vilification, harassment, depictions of bestiality and child pornography, interfere with fair game-play, anything grossly indecent in nature, anything that's illegal, and anything that might be offensive.
  • No phishing is allowed.

  • You must set your backpack to public when trading with another player.
  • Do not beg for other players to give you items, currency, or credits.
  • Raffles and gambles are recommended to have staff supervision, but is not required - a staff member, however, may stop a raffle or gamble at will.
  • No scamming (If both parties agree to an exchange, it does not count as scamming).
  • Do not trade items for credits - we have donation bots for this.

  • No hacking - this includes using exploits that function similarly to how a hacking software would.
  • Do not use any in-game exploits or scripts that would harm, lag, or crash the servers.
  • Using in-game exploits is perfectly allowed - the above rules still apply.
  • Do not grief our servers' players intentionally.
  • Spawncamping and killing friendlies or any other players are perfectly allowed.

Other Disruptive Behavior:
  • Do not disrupt server events. These are events that our staff members host.
  • Do not use the !shop to intentionally disrupt players over and over again.

  • Admins are allowed to create temporary rules depending on the situation. Please do not harass or argue with them.
  • If you feel that an administrator acted wrongfully or mistreated you or another player, feel free to file a staff report.
  • Do not egg admins on by testing your limits or trying to find loopholes around the rules. You will most likely be punished.

/report Usage:

How to use: In chat, type /report [Type Reason you are reporting a person] (press enter) and then select from the menu who you are reporting. A staff member might take several minutes to respond to your report.

Guidelines for /report usage:
  • Please do report rule breakers and hackers.
  • Do not report bugs.
  • Do not report spawn camping.
  • Do not send spam reports.
  • Do not send shortly-worded and non-detailed reports.
  • Do not send reports simply out of rage.

If any of these guidelines are broken, you will likely be either kicked, muted, gagged, or banned. You may appeal your case here.
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