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Author Topic: [Help] !report how it works, when to use it.  (Read 5722 times)

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[Help] !report how it works, when to use it.
« on: July 04, 2016, 01:32:25 PM »
Hello once more, so I've decided to do this short help as to the well known plugin by the name of !report.

So !report allows the player that typed it to file a complaint regarding something like a misbehaving player or a hacker and such.

For those new to the command, here's how it works:

1) Open the chatbox and type !report or /report (either one works):
NOTE: You can leave a message like !report Saying Racial Slurs

2) Choose the player you are reporting:

3) Once you have chosen the player you want to report, confirm that you meet the requirements to submit the report.

That's how it works!

What NOT to file a report on and what to file a report on

Here are some tips as to the rights and wrongs of reporting a player.

Do not file a report if a player is:

- Constantly killing you and/or everyone
- Because they are tryhards
- Getting killed while friendly/being dominated
- For jokes given/no reason at all
- Bugs and/or exploits that are from a map itself
- Players spamming !shop features
- When confused about something

You can file a report for events such as:

- A player that's hacking.
- Griefing players and those attempting to scam someone.
- Those that go insulting others with racial slurs
- Players that just join the servers and start spamming chat and voice chat uncontrollably.
- Admin impersonation/suspicion of someone doing so.
- Any other events that break the server rules.

Violation of !report usage in any way may result in a permanent ban from !report usage.

For any doubts please leave a reply.
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