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« on: December 26, 2018, 05:29:09 PM »
I've already been talking to some people about this, but I decided to make a forum post. This player is well known as a "very good sniper", and I thought this as well; I spectated Mysty and I was somewhat confirmed she was legitiment.

Some time passed and I asked another player called OAEUK about Mysty and he sent me two demo files of Mysty playing on the now disbanded Fortress of Gamers server.
For easier viewing I recorded the demos and uploaded them to youtube, making notes on suspicious behavior. (OAEUK is playing under the alias maf427, on BLU team.)

Specifically this spot in the video triggers it for me.

While this did not take place on any swapshop servers, this should not excuse someone who is using aimbot.
Just to be sure this isn't someone else, I went back into the demo and the scoreboard says it's the same Mysty on my friends list.

The thread OAEUK made on Fortress of Gamers which resulted in Mysty being perma banned.

Demo File 1
Demo file 2 Make sure to skip ahead in this one, she doesn't join until a bit after it was recorded
Steam profile

EDIT:According to this thread Mysty has been banned by multiple other communities for aimbot.
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Re: Mysty
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