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Author Topic: For Denied/New Applicants  (Read 5447 times)

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For Denied/New Applicants
« on: July 06, 2016, 02:04:06 AM »

This post was created to give denied applicants and any new applicants some words of advice.

It has been seen over so many times now that some applicants who got denied, especially those who felt as though their applications were "outstanding," have acted in one or more of the following manners:

  • Self-pity - The applicant feels sorry for him/herself because their application was denied.
  • Close-mindedness - The applicant refuses to accept suggestions and constructive criticism for their applications.
  • Egotism - The applicant believes that his/her app was more than above standards.
  • Vengeful - The applicant feels as though there is no more purpose to respecting the admins, other players, or the whole community.

Those are just some of the common ways that denied applicants act and there may be more.

Here are some advice for how to handle being denied on your application:

  • Do not act like a complete idiot.
  • Learn to accept that nobody is perfect and that you should always leave room for improvement.
  • Do not start slandering the reputation of the staff and the entirety of SwapShop just because you were not accepted.
  • Breaking rules will not increase your chances of becoming a part of staff.
  • Increase your chances for the next time you apply by getting more involved in the community.
  • Analyze your application. Do your best to find out what went wrong and how you can improve on it.
  • If your application was denied due to lack of requirement(s), then just be patient and wait until you can meet those requirements. If you simply cannot meet the requirement(s) then simply find a way to help the community in some other way.
  • Do not blame admins, whether specifically or in general, as it will lower your chances even more and make you look very unprofessional and unlikable.
  • Do not try and get your friends to help you with your application. If you were found out to be copying, plagiarizing, or getting help from a higher authority on your application, your application will be instantly denied and you will be banned from ever reapplying.
  • Take your time and read all of the other denied applications. See what you think looks good from them and what looks bad. Then take that information that you gathered and use it to make your next (or current) application the best that it could possibly be.
  • Try and make your answer for why you want to help the community the best that you could possibly make it. That one question can easily set your application up for a good start. It shows us admins that you actually care and have a good reason for wanting to become an admin.

We highly encourage denied applicants to come back and reapply. We hope that this has helped you in any way and please understand that this is not intended to discourage or offend anyone.
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