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Author Topic: Hamtaro (also known as Junito72) - Game Server Admin Application  (Read 403 times)

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1. Which position do you wish to apply for?
Game Server Admin

2. Do you have a microphone that you are willing to use?

3. Age:

4. What Time Zone do you live in?
(UTC -4:00) Gorgetown, La Paz, Manaus, San Juan

5. List and describe any previous supervisory, administrative or management experience,­ in or out of the game:
I was an administrator on Gumiland Social/Event Server until death of the server. Active Member of Desert Storm (San Andreas Multiplayer Server) for severla months in the past.

6. What are your goals in this community - or, why do you want to hold this position?
It would be an honor to hold this position because I have seen many things on these servers, most fun and entertaining.

7. How much time do you plan to spend on the Servers / Forums?
I spend most of my Team Fortress 2 Days on these servers, as for the forums, I would come often. I am most likely (on non-busy days) the entire day on the sevrers, when it comes to the forums, I may give it around an hour.

8. How long have you been playing on our group of servers?
It has been several months now, it may be a year soon.

9. List a reputation thread here (if you have one, it may be simple as your steamrep url):

10. If you have alternate accounts, list any alternative accounts that you own:
Currently none, I shall inform if I would create any.

11. Describe a time during which you lost control:
I was once playing tf2 and this guy just began to accuse me of things I did not do (being a noob back then). It angered me, as I do not like false accusations, no matter from who it comes of. So I went and mute him. Though I wish there weren't people like such.

12. Assess these attributes from 1 to 10 based on how you see yourself:
  • Logical: 7
  • Patient: 6
  • Reactive: 7
  • Creative: 7
  • Polite: 8
  • Reasonable: 7
  • Objective: 7
  • Perceptive: 9
  • Compassionate: 10
  • Troubleshooter: 7

13. After you become an admin, how would you react to these situations below:
A: How would you deal with a person who was making racist comments?
The first thigThe first thing I would do is warning him and telling him to respect by not saying such comments. If he/she does not obey the rules I would mute/kick him on the severity to the point of a ban if he would not stop.

B: If a group of players are offended by remarks that you yourself do not find offensive, how would you respond?
I would try to locate them to apologize, even if a comment that I say it's not offensive on my home town, I would attempt to prevent saying comments that I could offend with.

C: How would you deal with players who micspam?
I would proceed to warn the person, in teh event that the person does not stop, I would kick them. If the problem persists, I would ban said player due to the fact of not stopping.

D: Another TF2SS admin is exploiting their powers in game; what will you do about it?
I start by getting another admin on the server as witness and would tell the power abusing player to notice what they are doing and tell him to stop. If they don't stop, I would kick them and most likely file a report on the event.

E: What would you do when answering a report that [username] is speed hacking on one of our servers?
In the event that I would be able to join the server, I would go spectator to spectate said player and confirm it the report was real and not a false accusation. If I were to not be able to join the server, I would inform one of the other admins that are available to see if they can attend the problem.

F: A regular user threatens another player that they will be banned if they do not comply with rules that do not exist. What will you do about it?
I would first confirm that said rule IS real and not fake. If it is true, I would tell them that it is not a rule and the player would not be banned by "breaking" the said rule the person made up. I would also tell the player to not go on saying rules that are not real as they would confuse other players.

G: A group of enemy players dominate you, ignoring everyone else and changing teams if you join the team they are on, killing only you over and over again. What will you do about it?
A conversation with said player would be an idea ( asking them to not go into constantly killing me would be an idea to see if the player would stop. Though I honestly don't mind as much, considering the server also has the !friendly plugin that prevents getting killed, though I barely use it. I would simply play the game and do my best to stop him (by playing the game) as most of the time. In the fact that the player becomes offensive, I would take action by warning him/her. If this action persists, I would either ban/kick him/her.

H: How do you deal with a player who comments publicly that: you are an asshole, the server sucks ass, and continues to insult anyone who kills them with profanity & by screaming on the mic?
One thing is to complain, also an insult here and there are not that bad (this including the NOT often scream). Another is to be insulting everyone and everything the player sees. I would most likely kick teh player and/or mute them after a fair warning.

I: A regular player on our server says that they will offer free godmode for anyone who trades a hat to them. What will you do about it?
I would beI begin by telling players that he/she is not a server administrator. In the event the player manages to scam someone, I would ban the player as he/she due to the fact of offering things only server administrators would.

J: A regular player complains about another player who slays him/her after he/she buys the Headless Horsemann perk in the shop. What do you tell the original player who got slayed?
I would tell them that these are server perks by visiting the server for lenghts of time. The player that slayed him did as the reporting player did, bought a perk. Now in an extreme case I honestly do not know how to respond to this situation, though I would take suggestions from other server administrators.
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Re: Hamtaro (also known as Junito72) - Game Server Admin Application
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2015, 11:09:44 AM »
Thank you for applying for TF2 SwapShop administration, however you do not satisfy our requirements for administration at this moment.

You may re-apply again in 6 months.

Application denied.