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Author Topic: Roasty my Toasty - Game Server Admin Application  (Read 469 times)

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Roasty my Toasty - Game Server Admin Application
« on: June 09, 2018, 11:26:03 AM »
1. Which position do you wish to apply for?
Game Server Admin

2. Have you ever previously applied for a position in SwapShop?

3. List any current staff members you know or have any personal relations with.
None Currently

4. Do you have a microphone that you are willing to use?

5. Age:

6. What Time Zone do you live in?
Pacific Time

7. List and describe any previous supervisory, administrative or management experience,­ in or out of the game:
I was an admin on a server called DarkPyroGaming.
I have completed a management course IRL
I have supervised multiple events at my workplace

8. What are your goals in this community - or, why do you want to hold this position?
My goal mainly would be to help make the servers more fun for everyone, as well as myself. Also I really enjoy the tf2SwapShop servers, and would like to help administrate them.

9. How much time will you be able to spend:
A. On the servers?
I can spend at least 2 hours a day on servers. at the most I'd say 10 hours on a good day.

B. On the forums?
I havent used the forums yet, but I could spend at least 1 hour alt tabbed while idle.

10. How long have you been playing on our group of servers?
at least 3 years or so.

11. Do you speak any languages other than English?

12. Link your SteamRep and other sources that show your reputation here:
I don't really have other sources to show my reputation

13. If you have alternate accounts, list any alternate accounts that you own:

14. Describe a time when you lost control of your emotions and how you were able to cope with the situation (P.S: This can be about anything; it doesn't have to be from in-game.):
I once got extremely angry, when someone rammed into my car in a parking lot outside a store and damaged the light while I was buying something, then drove away before I could see who did it. It really angered me, but I know there was nothing I could do but pay to have it repaired since no one had recorded it or had any info on the person who was responsible.

15. What do you consider in your personality to be strengths? What do you consider in your personality to be weaknesses?
I have alot of patience, and don't lose my temper.
I have lots of practice dealing with annoying people from when I worked a till in a supermarket.
I am very compassionate towards everyone.
I am responsible for my actions.

16. Assess these attributes from 1 to 10 based on how you see yourself:
  • Logical: 8
  • Patient: 8
  • Reactive: 7
  • Creative: 6
  • Polite: 10
  • Reasonable: 9
  • Objective: 6
  • Perceptive: 7
  • Compassionate: 8
  • Troubleshooter: 7
  • Honest: 10

17. After you become an admin, how would you react to these situations below:
A: How would you deal with a person who was making racist comments?
Gag/Mute them for the specified time for being racist

B: A group of players are offended by remarks that another player made, but you yourself do not find them to be offensive. How would you respond?
start a vote on the server to see if the people offended by them outnumber the people not offended. Depending on the tally, either ask them to stop/gag or mute, or ignore it since the majority of players didn't find it offensive.

C: How would you deal with players who micspam?
Mute for the specified time for micspam

D: Another TF2SS admin is exploiting their powers in game; what will you do about it?
Talk/complain on the fourms or dirrectly to my superior about what they were doing wrong.

E: What would you do when answering a report that [username] is speed hacking on one of our servers?
try to investigate to see if he is still doing it, and if not, ask for evidence that he was doing it. as well as witnesses to it.

F: A regular user threatens to ban another player if they do not comply with rules that do not exist. What will you do about it?
inform all the players on the server about how that is not a real rule, and how that regular has no authority to perform such an action. also if there is a penalty for falsely claiming to have such power, inforce that penalty on the regular falseclaiming.

G: A group of enemy players dominate you, ignoring everyone else and changing teams if you join the team they are on, killing only you over and over again. What will you do about it?
I would either stay in spawn, or just go afk and check the forums. I would not get angry about being dominated in a game.

H: How do you deal with a player who comments publicly that: you are an asshole, the server sucks ass, and continues to insult anyone who kills them with profanity & by screaming on the mic?
I would tell them that they are free to an opinion about the server and myself, but I would not tolerate micspam.

I: A regular player on our server says that they will offer free godmode for anyone who trades a hat to them. What will you do about it?
I will ask them nicely once to stop trying to scam people, and if they continue I will enforce whatever penalty for commiting such an act.

J: A player who bought the Headless Horsemann perk from the shop complains after another player slays him/her. What do you tell the slayed Headless Horsemann player?
If you can use the store to buy stuff, so can other players. He has done nothing to break any rules.

K: How do you define Admin abuse?
Abusing powers that regular players don't have, using them for selfish reasons or opinionated reasons.
Basically doing anything to anyone without a proper reason.

After filling out this application, what are your feelings toward becoming a Server Admin on our servers?
I really enjoy tf2SwapShop servers, as they are a source of fun and entertainment to me, and I would love to be allowed to help administrate them.

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Re: Roasty my Toasty - Game Server Admin Application
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2018, 10:01:40 AM »
Hello Roasty my Toasty,

I have a question about your previous experience.

7. List and describe any previous supervisory, administrative or management experience,­ in or out of the game:
I was an admin on a server called DarkPyroGaming.


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If you were an admin on DarkPyroGaming, please explain these stats. These stats do not match with someone who would have been an administrator. If this is the wrong community, can you please provide us with a link to that community?

Thank you,

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Re: Roasty my Toasty - Game Server Admin Application
« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2018, 10:36:59 AM »
I was demoted from admin for basically admin abusing... what I was doing was using jetpack to have an advantage over other players. When I was an admin at that time I was about 13 years old and was still rather immature. They used to let people become an admin if you donated 4 keys to the owner. Since I liked the server that's what I did. I have learned from my mistakes about admin abusing though since I deeply regretted losing my privileges. You can contact the owner if you need to to ask him about why I was demoted if you want.


Honestly I never really went on the Darkpyro Gaming Forums at all, so I don't know why I have those stats either... I am aware I spent more then 50+ hours on that server so it confuses me too. The owner Pyro would know the reason.
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Re: Roasty my Toasty - Game Server Admin Application
« Reply #3 on: June 16, 2018, 11:47:37 PM »
Thank you for taking the time to apply for TF2SwapShop administration. We regret to inform you that our staff does not believe that your application satisfies our standards for server administration for the moment. Unfortunately, we must decline your application.

If you are still interested in a server administration position here, you may submit a new application and reapply after 3 months have passed (September 16, 2018).

We encourage you to use that time to revise and improve upon your application.