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Author Topic: Deplorable Behavior  (Read 4481 times)

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Deplorable Behavior
« on: April 14, 2019, 06:05:02 PM »
Hello to all. Recently it has come to my attention that some deplorable behavior has occurred within SwapShop. I wanted to offer my two cents on the matter as well as provide my advice as a former Head Administrator. Please continue to read as I do make a point.

First off, some of you if not all by now, have noticed I have retired from my position. This was done for personal reasons few know about and to that number it shall be kept. Though I will share several reasons for why I felt I should leave.

  • Preconceived notions. In the span of 7 years that I was here with SwapShop I was believed to be power hungry, that I would abuse. That because I had ownership of the discord, that when I would eventually leave, or believed by some to be banned from the community, that I would take the discord with me. This was often referred to as pulling a "Pixels". (For all you new admins, I recommend reading up on that by the way. Tis juicy.) Despite all of those beliefs held on to people I though that if I continued to rise above and through my actions, prove not to be power hungry but an individual of understanding, that people would finally see me differently. This. Never. Happened.
  • Administrator's tendency to not listen. On multiple occasions were some administrators told that an action he/she was planning would end badly and to do X instead, but the administrator ignored HA. To no surprise the situations panned out like we had said. To top it all off, Head administration was blamed.
  • Administrators twisted my words and some actions. Recently changes had been made to the community. While I was not for the changes and did not see the use in some of them, I did not say for it to be stopped. Administrators, however, spread rumors of how I was against everything and was actively trying to stop all the changes. I was in fact in favor of most of them, I was still however not for some, but I understood why they were being made.

I now get to find out about administrators plotting to get an admin fired because he/she did not like him/her by getting the individual to abuse their administrative powers.  But there is even an icing to this cake of madness. Not only was there the plot, these administrators talk about him/her behind their back. Even going as far to refer to them with deplorable language along the lines of the N word. For those administrators that are too new, that is a punishable offense. This wasn't a one time reference, it was over 8 times. The administrator was called other names as well, had their intelligence insulted on more than one occasion, and more.

You may be wondering why I listed those points and how they are in relation to the post's title, and the newest situation above. An astute question. Allow me to clarify.

The administrators who conspired to have another administrator fired had issues with him/her. Those administrators did not speak to that admin to discuss what problems they had with him/her like an adult would do. The situations I listed above about my reasons for leaving( though not all the reasons), no one ever came to talk with me about what problems they had with me. Are we seeing a pattern here yet?

Administrators are hired because it is believed at the time that he/she is capable of handling situations like an adult. Yet instead, all I am seeing is childish behavior. I am often asked why I stopped playing TF2 and do not get on as often. Besides the fact of having 3K + hours in the game, knowing how administrators acted while I was a part of staff, and how you are choosing to act now is not a motivation for me to play. If anything it is telling me to stay the fuck away. 

Seven years at TF2SwapShop and only ONE administrator was mature enough to talk to me decently and explain what problems that he had with me. If you all have problems with each other but choose to gossip and plan to back stab each other in the backs, are you really worthy of being an administrator?