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Author Topic: Oh, hey, I exist.  (Read 3558 times)

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Oh, hey, I exist.
« on: December 23, 2019, 01:32:20 PM »
Hello all. I'm Asiliria, a random girl who likes playing on some of the SS servers. I've been playing here for a while (a few months?), I started with the Trade/Idle, where my brother met his best friend, and now I'm just hanging out in the Mario Kart server. I don't have much else to say, so, I hope you all have a good day!

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Re: Oh, hey, I exist.
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2019, 09:51:19 PM »

I bid you welcome. TF2SwapShop also has a discord. Some member's of the community prefer discord over the forums, so feel free to join it.