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Author Topic: Justin's Staff Introduction  (Read 8900 times)

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Justin's Staff Introduction
« on: March 18, 2020, 04:01:03 PM »
Hi there! My names Justin and i'm 17 years old(Birthday: 18th of May). I live in the EST time zone of the United States. The fastest way to grab my attention is contacting me through discord. Now my general online time may vary due to school and my personal life, but I tend to be on around 3:45-4:00PM (EST) during the weekdays and anywhere from 8-10AM/4-10PM (EST) during the weekends.

Other information you should know about me:
I'm very enthusiastic with working out and fitness in general. I've lost over 100+ pounds in just under a year! So if you have any questions regarding to weight loss or just fitness in general, hit me up! I'm always available to help in that aspect!

I tend to be busy a lot due to school, family, working out, etc., so it's just a heads up if i'm not on as much as I stated. However, I like to keep my schedule flexible so I can have room for gaming, but life happens so it's my first priority.

I've been playing and have been apart of TF2SS for several years now and enjoy my time here. I truly wish to see it grow again!